How do I order wholesale?

The minimum order for wholesale would be 12 units of any of our amazing products online. You can also call the toll free number - 1 (888) 745-6806 or our local number - (305) 776-5865.

What is volcanic ash clay?

The ash settles to the ground, sits there untold number of years, forming volcanic ash clay. Animals lie in these clay beds to detoxify and heal their bodies. It does the same to your skin!

How does it detox skin surface?

Microscopic particles and high absorbency remove toxins. Underlying tissue responds by realizing it does not need to hold so much fluid to dilute toxins that are no longer there. The fluid receeds, thus causing tissue to compact and tighten.

Where does the clay come from?

Volcanic eruptions that formed the Alutian Islands 150 million years ago.

Why is it different or better than any other mud masque?

Nothing else has the microscopic particle size or the high absorbency.

How do I use it on my face & neck?

Apply to entire face and neck down to the collar bone. Let dry  and after about 10-20 minutes, wipe off (gently) with a warm, wet wash cloth. 

Can nail salons use this too?

Yes. Nail salons can apply the masque to hands and feet as part of a detox treatment before manicures and pedicures and potentially charge an additional service fee.

Can this be used in body wrap treatments?

You can apply the masque to legs, arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips etc then wrap with cellophane or mylar sheets and tuck in the ends. Lie down and cover with a blanket. After 30 minutes wipe off vigorously with a warm, wet towel before showering, as this pulls the clay and toxins from pores and exfoliates dead skin cells. No showers needed for salon use, as keeping the clay in the pores for several hours prolongs the detoxification process. For many salons, this is a new source of income!

Can this cause allergic reactions?

Our mud masque is not made with any chemical additives such as parabens, dyes, and fragrances, We use only naturally derived ingredients which are safe for sensitive skin. However, some redness after removal is common and disappears within about 30 minutes.